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    1. Angio-OCT as a noninvasive tool for three-dimensional vascular network visualization in retinal diseases

      Angio-OCT as a noninvasive tool for three-dimensional vascular network visualization in retinal diseases

      In this paper we demonstrate applicability of intensity-based optical coherence tomography technique for noninvasive visualization of 3D retinal microcapillary network. The study was performed with ultra high resolution and high speed (180,000 Ascans/sec) spectral optical coherence tomography (SOCT). New scanning protocols and data processing algorithms have been introduced to visualize microcapillary network. Moreover, results obtained in the eyes of healthy volunteers and patients with eye diseases were compared with fluorescein angiography. Presented report shows that SOCT is well suited for visualization of 3D retinal capillary network in the healthy and pathologic eyes as well. Obtained results demonstrate high ...

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    2. Mapping of photoreceptor dysfunction using high resolution three-dimensional spectral optical coherence tomography

      B. L. Sikorski, M. Szkulmowski, J. J. Kaluzny et al. The ability to obtain reliable information on functional status of photoreceptor layer is essential for assessing vision impairment in patients with macular diseases. The reconstruction of three-dimensional retinal structure in vivo using Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography (Spectral OCT) became p ... [Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 6844, 68440J (2008)] published Mon Feb 11, 2008.
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