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    1. Combined Reflection Confocal Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Esophageal Biopsy

      Reflection confocal microscopy (RCM) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) are two non-contact optical imaging technologies that provide images of tissue cellular and architectural morphology, which are both used for histopathologic diagnosis. We have developed a combined RCM and OCT system to compare the accuracy of these imaging techniques for diagnosing esophageal pathology and to evaluate the potential utility of merging the two modalities into a single imaging system. Clinical study was conducted on 32 human esophageal biopsy samples from 23 patients with various histories. Esophageal mucosa was differentiated from gastric mucosa, Barrett's esophagus with intestinal metaplasia was distinguished from ...
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    2. Comprehensive microscopy of the esophagus in human patients with optical frequency domain imaging

      Comprehensive microscopy of the esophagus in human patients with optical frequency domain imaging
      Background: Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a cross-sectional, high-resolution imaging modality that has been shown to accurately differentiate esophageal specialized intestinal metaplasia (SIM) from gastric cardia at the squamocolumnar junction (SCJ) and diagnose high-grade dysplasia and intramucosal carcinoma in patients with SIM. The clinical utility of OCT has been limited, however, by its inability to acquire images over large areas.Objective: The aim of this study was to use recently developed high-speed OCT technology, termed optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI), and a new balloon-centering catheter (2.5 cm diameter) to demonstrate the feasibility of large area, comprehensive optical microscopy of ...
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