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    1. Ophthalmological Imaging and Applications (Textbook)

      Ophthalmological Imaging and Applications (Textbook)

      Edited by and featuring contributions from world-class researchers, Ophthalmological Imaging and Applications offers a unified work of the latest human eye imaging and modeling techniques that have been proposed and applied to the diagnosis of ophthalmologic problems, including inflammation, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. With a focus on theory, basic principles, and results derived from research, the book: Explores various morphological, textural, higher-order spectral, and wavelet transformation techniques used to extract salient features from images of the human eye Examines 2D and 3D finite element and boundary element models of the human eye developed to simulate thermal steady-state conditions Addresses ...

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    2. Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Texture and Higher Order Spectra Features

      Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Texture and Higher Order Spectra Features
      Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. It is a disease in which fluid pressure in the eye increases continuously, damaging the optic nerve and causing vision loss. Computational decision support systems for the early detection of glaucoma can help prevent this complication. The retinal optic nerve fiber layer can be assessed using optical coherence tomography, scanning laser polarimetry, and Heidelberg retina tomography scanning methods. In this paper, we present a novel method for glaucoma detection using a combination of texture and higher order spectra (HOS) features from digital fundus images. Support vector machine, sequential minimal optimization, naive ...
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