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    1. Cylite Introduces Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography

      Cylite Introduces Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography

      Metrology-level stability and accuracy meets best-in-class imaging Cylite Pty Ltd, an emergent optical technology development company, today announced its new Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography measurement and analysis platform. Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography is a unique 3D spectral imaging technology that can measure a two dimensional grid comprising in excess of a 1000 simultaneous high resolution depth scans over a 7.5 mm range at over 50 frames per second. This provides: Insensitivity to sample movement for clinical applications. Greatly enhanced frame registration due to multiple simultaneous surface measurements Dense B-scan and volumetric imaging over a very fine lateral grid. Lower cost implementation ...

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