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    1. Imaging in Oncological Urology (Book)

      Imaging in Oncological Urology (Book)
      Prostate cancer is now the primary malignancy in men, while bladder and renal cancer are not far behind. This hugely important book details significant changes in imaging in oncological conditions related to the bladder, prostate and kidneys. The focus is on oncology in urology, mainly Ultrasound and MRI, with organ-oriented topics. The latest technologies on imaging are included to better identify carcinomatous lesions and lymph node metastases. Each chapter includes a section that outlines the optimal imaging approach, providing an algorithm for imaging per disease entity, and according to the evidence-based chronological and diagnostic follow-up. What makes this book so ...
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    2. The emergence of imaging technology in advanced prostate cancer.

      Related Articles The emergence of imaging technology in advanced prostate cancer. Can J Urol. 2007 Dec;14 Suppl 1:32-8 Authors: Manyak MJ Rapid advances in imaging technology have whetted our collective appetites for practical clinical applications to assist the physician and patient in therapeutic decisions. Current limitations of imaging technology are being addressed by the convergence of technology in materials science, the computer industry, and biology which have led to improvements of diagnostic imaging. Refinements in image acquisition, fusion of images, and outcomes data now suggest use for image-guided therapy. Novel imaging agents and technologies appear to provide improved ...
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