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    1. Novel non-contact optical characterisation methods of polymeric nanocomposite structures based on their particle loading and dispersion profile

      Novel non-contact optical characterisation methods of polymeric nanocomposite structures based on their particle loading and dispersion profile
      Current methods to characterise specific properties of polymeric nanocomposites (PNCs), such as particle loading and dispersion profile, rely on a number of techniques that require special sample preparation and treatment, are very expensive, require long measurement times and quite often produce ambiguous results that are difficult to evaluate and interpret. In addition, given their complexity, they are not entirely suited for in-situ industrial environments. This paper presents alternative techniques based on optical diffraction and diffusion mechanisms combined with signal processing that can successfully discriminate between different particle loadings and levels of dispersion. The techniques discussed in this paper are Fourier-domain ...
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    2. Refractive index mapping of layered samples using optical coherence refractometry

      In this paper a novel method for determining refractive indices of a multi-layered samples using low coherence interferometry (LCI), developed at the National Physical Laboratory, UK, is introduced. Conventional Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) utilises a lateral scanning optical probe beam to construct a depth resolved image of the sample under investigation. All interfaces are detected in optical path length, resulting in an image depending on the refractive index of all prior layers. This inherent ambiguity in optical and geometric path length reduces OCT images to purely qualitative ones. We have demonstrated that by optically probing the sample at multiple angles ...
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    3. Optical coherence refractometry

      Peter H. Tomlins, Peter Woolliams, Christian Hart, Andrew Beaumont, Matthew Tedaldi We introduce a novel approach to refractometry using a low coherence interferometer at multiple angles of incidence. We show that for plane parallel samples it is possible to measure their phase refractive index rather than the group index that is usually measured by interferometric methods. This ... [Opt. Lett. 33, 2272-2274 (2008)]
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    4. Measurement of the three-dimensional point-spread function in an optical coherence tomography imaging system

      Peter H. Tomlins, Peter Woolliams, Matthew Tedaldi et al. Two significant figures of merit for optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems are the axial and transverse resolutions. Transverse resolution has been defined using the Rayleigh Criterion or from Gaussian beam optics. The axial resolution is generally defined in terms of the coherence length of a ... [Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 6847, 68472Q (2008)] published Mon Feb 18, 2008.
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    5. Complex flow characterisation of a porous tissue scaffold measured by Doppler optical coherence tomography

      Peter H. Tomlins, Yiwei Wang, Bufa Zhang et al. The flow of culture medium through a mechanically stimulated cell-seeded tissue scaffold is a factor influencing not only the transport of essential nutrients and waste product removal but also impacting on the degradation kinetics of the scaffold. Being able to map spatial and temporal changes in f ... [Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 6858, 685804 (2008)] published Wed Feb 6, 2008.
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