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    1. Light source, and optical coherence tomography module

      Light source, and optical coherence tomography module

      An optical module includes a light source. The light source can be a swept wavelength light source, and optical module includes a wavemeter. The wavemeter includes a wavemeter tap capable of directing a wavemeter portion of light produced by the light source away from a main beam, a wavelength selective filter arranged to receive the wavemeter portion, a first wavemeter detector arranged to measure a transmitted radiation intensity of radiation transmitted through the filter, and a second wavemeter detector arranged to measure a non-transmitted radiation intensity of radiation not transmitted through but reflected by the filter. In addition, an optical ...

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    2. Light Source, And Optical Coherence Tomography Module (Wo 2010/111795)

      Light Source, And Optical Coherence Tomography Module (Wo 2010/111795)

      According to an aspect of the invention, a swept wavelength light source is provided, the light source comprising: - a semiconductor gain device operable to provide amplification, - an optical retarding device, the retarding device comprising a block of material, a beam path with a well-defined beam path length being defined for light within the block of material produced by the gain device, - a wavelength selector, and - the gain device, the retarding device and wavelength selector being mutually arranged on the base so that a resonator is established for light portions emitted by the gain device and selected by wavelength selector; this ...

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