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    1. Enhancing Detection of Bladder Carcinoma In Situ by 3-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography

      Enhancing Detection of Bladder Carcinoma In Situ by 3-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography
      Purpose: We examined the usefulness of 3-dimensional optical coherence tomography to enhance the diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma in situ.Materials and Methods: By expressing SV40T antigen with uroplakin II promoter, carcinoma in situ readily develops in SV40T transgenic mice at about ages 8 to 20 weeks and then frank high grade papillary carcinoma develops in bladder epithelium. We examined 10 control and 40 SV40T mice during weeks 8 to 20 after birth by parallel en face white light imaging and 3-dimensional optical coherence tomography, and compared results with histology findings. We applied quantitative analysis of computer aided detection to 3-dimensional ...
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