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    1. Inline Coherent Imaging (Thesis)

      Inline Coherent Imaging (Thesis)

      In laser materials processing, the direct measurement and characterization of material and process depth is traditionally a diffcult task. This is particularly difficult when such information needs to be obtained in real-time for feedback and dynamic analysis applications. This thesis outlines a novel method and apparatus for real-time depth measurement during laser processes such as welding, drilling, cutting and ablation called inline coherent imaging (ICI). The approach borrows the coherent imaging ideas from the primarily medical field of optical coherence tomography and adapts them to the new application. Without requirements for flawless image quality and limitations on sample exposure the ...

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    2. Real-time guidance of thermal and ultrashort pulsed laser ablation in hard tissue using inline coherent imaging

      Real-time guidance of thermal and ultrashort pulsed laser ablation in hard tissue using inline coherent imaging

      Abstract Background and Objective During tissue ablation, laser light can be delivered with high precision in the transverse dimensions but final incision depth can be difficult to control. We monitor incision depth as it progresses, providing feedback to ensure that material removal occurs within a localized target volume, reducing the possibility of undesirable damage to tissues below the incision. Materials and Methods Ex vivo cortical and cancellous bone was ablated using pulsed lasers with center wavelengths of 1,064 and 1,070 nm, while being imaged in real-time using inline coherent imaging (ICI) at rates of up to 300 kHz ...

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    3. High speed in situ depth profiling of ultrafast micromachining

      We demonstrate real-time depth profiling of ultrafast micromachining of stainless steel at scan rates of 46 kHz. The broad bandwidth and high power of the light source allows for simultaneous machining and coaxial Fourier-domain interferometric imaging of the ablation surface with depth resolutions ... [Opt. Express 15, 14967-14972 (2007)]
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