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    1. Ultra-high-speed phase-sensitive optical coherence reflectometer with a stretched pulse supercontinuum source

      Ultra-high-speed phase-sensitive optical coherence reflectometer with a stretched pulse supercontinuum source
      We demonstrate an ultra-high-speed phase-sensitive time-wavelength-domain optical coherence reflectometer with a stretched pulse supercontinuum source. A pulsed fiber laser operating at 10 MHzrepetition rate was used to generate a pulsed supercontinuum of 30 ps pulse duration by using a nonlinear optical fiber. The supercontinuum pulses are stretched into 70 ns pulses with a highly dispersive fiber. With this stretched pulse source, we have built a phase-sensitive optical coherence reflectometer that measures the spectral interferogram of reflected light. By using the linear relation between the wavelength and the temporal position in a linearly chirped pulse, ultra-high-speed spectrum measurement can be obtained ...
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    2. Normalization detection scheme for high-speed optical frequency-domain imaging and reflectometry

      We introduce a new signal detection method that can effectively suppress the effect of relative intensity noise (RIN) in optical frequency-domain reflectometry or imaging (OFDR/OFDI) schemes to enhance the sensitivity and dynamic range. In this method, spectral interferogram signal is normalized digitally by a spectral reference signal that contains the real-time spectrum and the RIN information of the frequency-swept source. Unlike the conventional balanced detection method that suppresses only additive intensity noises, we found that our proposed scheme removes both the additive and convolutional contributions of the RINs in the final interferogram signals. Experimental demonstrations were performed using a ...
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