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    1. Optical coherence tomography apparatus and methods

      Optical coherence tomography apparatus and methods
      In one aspect, the invention relates to an imaging probe. The imaging probe includes an elongate body having a proximal end and distal end, the elongate body adapted to enclose a portion of a slidable optical fiber, the optical fiber having a longitudinal axis; and a first optical assembly attached to a distal end of the fiber. The first optical assembly includes a beam director adapted to direct light emitted from the fiber to a plane at a predetermined angle to the longitudinal axis, a linear actuator disposed at the proximal portion of the elongated body, the actuator adapted to ...
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    2. Flush catheter with flow directing sheath

      A flush catheter is provided which is configured to be introduced into an orifice to create a flush zone therein. The flush catheter includes a catheter body having an inner cavity, the inner cavity being configured to communicate with a source of flush solution, one or more openings configured to expel therethrough flush solution, and a sheath at least partially covering the one or more openings, wherein when flush solution is expelled through the one or more openings, the flush solution is directed by the sheath to flow along an outer surface of the catheter body, thereby creating a flush ...
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    3. Scanning Miniature Optical Probes With Optical Distortion Correction And Rotational Control (Wo 2004/010856)

      Scanning Miniature Optical Probes With Optical Distortion Correction And Rotational Control (Wo 2004/010856)
      The invention relates to an optical probe (130) including a sheath; a flexible, bi-directionally rotatable optical tansmission system (10, 135, 137) positioned within the sheath (44); and a viscous damping fluid (140) located in the sheath. The optical transmission system is capable of transmitting, focussing and collecting lignt of a predetermined range of wavelengths. the sheath and the viscous damping fluid are transpatent to at least some of the wavelengths of that light. The index of refracion of the viscous fluid is typically chosen to remove the optical effects induces by propagation through said sheath. Optical probes having a diameter ...
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