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    1. Quantitative principal component model for skin chromophore mapping using multi-spectral images and spatial priors

      Quantitative principal component model for skin chromophore mapping using multi-spectral images and spatial priors
      We describe a novel reconstruction algorithm based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) applied to multi-spectral imaging data. Using numerical phantoms, based on a two layered skin model developed previously, we found analytical expressions, which convert qualitative PCA results into quantitative blood volume and oxygenation values, assuming the epidermal thickness to be known. We also evaluate the limits of accuracy of this method when the value of the epidermal thickness is not known. We show that blood volume can reliably be extracted (less than 6% error) even if the assumed thickness deviates 0.04mm from the actual value, whereas the error ...
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    2. Methods of detecting inflammation of an epithelium layer in the oral region with a probe using diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy

      The invention provides a device and method for monitoring inflammation of the epithelium. The device consists of a head region, a handle region and an optical bundle. At least two of the optical fibers in the bundle are utilized as a source of radiation, these two fibers are at two different angles from normal. At least one of the other optical fibers is utilized as a detector for the reflected radiation, or alternatively an image guide can be used as the detector. The device of the invention can be part of an external or internal system that can include a ...
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