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    1. Embolization protection system for vascular procedures

      Apparatus and methods are described for effective removal of emboli or harmful fluids during vascular procedures, such as angiography, balloon angioplasty, stent deployment, laser angioplasty, atherectomy, intravascular ultrasonography and other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. A catheter with an occluder mounted at its distal end creates an occlusion proximal to the lesion. The catheter provides a pathway for introducing a treatment catheter. Prior to, during or subsequent to the procedure, suction is activated to establish retrograde flow to remove emboli from the site. Additionally, a thin catheter with a distal fluid ejection nozzle maybe introduced distal to the treatment site to ...
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    2. Fluid exchange system for controlled and localized irrigation and aspiration

      The control of fluid introduction into and out of body conduits such as vessels, is of great concern in medicine. As the development of more particular treatments to vessels and organs continues it is apparent that controlled introduction and removal of fluids is necessary. Fluid delivery and removal from such sites, usually referred to as irrigation and aspiration, using fluid exchange devices that control also need to be considerate of potential volume and/or pressure in the vessel or organ are described together with catheter and lumen configurations to achieve the fluid exchange. The devices include several electrically or mechanically ...
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