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    1. Optical coherence reflectometry with depth resolution

      Optical coherence reflectometry with depth resolution

      A device for performing distance measurements on an eye. The device includes an interferometer, focuses at least one measurement beam records backscattered radiation and interferometrically generates a measurement signal displaying structures of the eye by time-domain, spectral-domain or Fourier-domain coherence reflectometry, has an adjustment apparatus for laterally and/or axially displacing the focus in the eye or for varying a polarization state of the measurement beam and has a control apparatus which actuates the interferometer, wherein the control apparatus generates a plurality of A-scan individual signals from the backscattered radiation, combines these to an A-scan measurement signal and actuates the ...

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    2. Spectrometer


      A spectrometer is described, especially for an optical coherence tomograph for detecting parameters of the human eye, with said spectrometer having an input for measurement radiation to be analyzed, fanning the measurement radiation spectrally out along a direction in a fan and guiding it onto a detector that extends along the direction and comprises a plurality of detector pixels that are sensitive to the measurement radiation, with the spectrometer having an adjusting element which can be adjusted in a controlled manner to adjust the relative position of the fan and the detector, thereby optimizing the incidence position of the fan ...

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    3. Arrangements for coherence topographic ray tracing on the eye

      Topographic measurement of eye structures based on short coherence interferometry is the subject of the invention. The problem occurring in this connection is that longitudinal and transverse eye movements during signal registration lead to errors in the measured structure. The influences of longitudinal eye movements are compensated in that the reference beam, independent from the measurement beam, is directed to the corneal vertex and is reflected at the latter. The influences of longitudinal eye movements are minimized in that the transverse position of the eye is monitored by means of a direction-dependent registration of the light reflected at the corneal ...
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    4. System and method for non-contacting measurement of the eye

      Combined equipment for non-contacting determination of axial length (AL), anterior chamber depth (VKT) and corneal curvature (HHK) of the eye are also important for the selection of the intraocular lens IOL to be implanted, particularly the selection of an intraocular lens IOL to be implanted, preferably with fixation of the eye by means of a fixating lamp and/or illumination through light sources grouped eccentrically about the observation axis.
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