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    1. Computed optical coherence microscopy of mouse brain ex vivo

      Computed optical coherence microscopy of mouse brain ex vivo

      The compromise between lateral resolution and usable imaging depth range is a bottleneck for optical coherence tomography (OCT). Existing solutions for optical coherence microscopy (OCM) suffer from either large data size and long acquisition time or a nonideal point spread function. We present volumetric OCM of mouse brain ex vivo with a large depth coverage by leveraging computational adaptive optics (CAO) to significantly reduce the number of OCM volumes that need to be acquired with a Gaussian beam focused at different depths. We demonstrate volumetric reconstruction of ex-vivo mouse brain with lateral resolution of 2.2  μm, axial resolution of ...

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    2. Device and method for inducing vascular injury and/or blockage in an animal model

      Ultrashort laser pulses are used to induce photodisruptive breakdown in vasculature in an animal to controllably produce hemorrhage, thrombosis or breach of the blood-brain barrier in individual, specifically-targeted blood vessels. Damage is limited to the targeted vessels such that neighboring vessels exhibit no signs of vascular damage, including vessels directly above and directly below the targeted vessel. Ultrashort laser pulses of lower energy are also used to observe and quantify the baseline and altered states of blood flow. Observation and measurement may be performed by TPLSM, OCT or other known techniques, providing a real-time, in vivo model for the dynamics ...
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