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    1. Optical imaging apparatus

      An optical imaging apparatus has an optical scanning probe configured to irradiate low-coherence light onto a subject and to perform photo-reception of light scattered at the subject, and an observation device adapted to construct a cross-section image of the subject based on information from the light received through the optical scanning probe. The optical scanning probe is detachably connected to the observation device.
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    2. Light scanning devices of a water-tight structure to be inserted into a body cavity to obtain optical information on inside of a biological tissue

      A light scanning device has a tip structure which includes a light scanning part connected to a light source, and which is insertable into a body cavity and is formed so as to be water-tight. A controlling part controls the light scan through the tip structure, and the tip structure and the controlling part are also connected to each other in a water-tight manner by a slender tube through which a plurality of electrical cables pass. An electric connector is fixed with the proximal end portion of the tube in a water-tight manner, and is electrically connectable so as to ...
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    3. Optical imaging apparatus which radiates a low coherence light beam onto a test object, receives optical information from light scattered by the object, and constructs therefrom a cross-sectional image of the object

      A low coherence beam emitted by a low coherence light source is split into two portions. One portion is transmitted from the outward end of a first single mode fiber via a detachable connector to a beam scanning probe, and then to a biological tissue; and the other is transmitted from an optical coupler placed midway along the light path via a second single mode fiber to a light path modifier. The light path modifier includes a galvanometer mirror to modify the light path length in accordance with a scan range, and a uniaxial stage to adjust the light path ...
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