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    1. Interferometric optical apparatus and method using wavefront division

      A system and method of optical reflectometry and optical coherence tomography (OCT) is provided by using a wavefront-division interferometer where a beam is split into side-by-side beam portions. The interference is tuned by changing the phase difference between the beam portions. The interference contrast is adjusted by changing the ratio of the beam portions. The structure of the optical reflectometry and OCT is compact and insensitive to environmental changes. Methods are also provided for multi-level and multi-layer optical data storage systems.
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    2. Compact optical apparatus

      In a compact optical device, a light emitting area of a light source and a light sensing area of a detector are placed in proximity. The detector receives part of a beam which is reflected back to the source from a sample. As a result, a beam splitter is no longer needed. By eliminating the beam splitter and packing the light source and detector in closeness, dimensions of the optical device are reduced.
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    3. Interferometric optical apparatus and method for measurements

      In order to improve lateral resolution of scanning optical devices, a low-coherence sample beam is divided into beam portions by wavefront division and one of the beam portions is phase delayed relative to the other portions. The sample beam is focused on and reflected by an object. The reflected beam is coupled with a reference beam. The phase retardation is large enough that interference occurs exclusively between the phase delayed beam portion and the reference beam. The phase delayed beam portion can be used as a virtual beam within the sample beam in optical measurements. The virtual beam has a ...
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