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    1. Coherence Properties of Supercontinuum Generated in Dispersion-Tailored Lead-Silicate Microstructured Fiber Taper

      Coherence Properties of Supercontinuum Generated in Dispersion-Tailored Lead-Silicate Microstructured Fiber Taper

      This article details the numerically studied coherence properties of the supercontinuum generated in a lead-silicate microstructured fiber taper, with an increasing core radius along the propagation distance that tailors the dispersion property. Simulations are conducted by adding quantum noise into the input pulse at 1.55 μm, and the complex degree of first-order coherence function and the overall spectral coherence degree are both calculated. Although the spectral broadening is comparable, the coherence degree is shown to vary with different pumping conditions. It decreases with higher peak power and longer duration due to the significant competition between the soliton-fission process and ...

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    2. Cancellation of coherent artifacts in optical coherence tomography imaging

      Coherent artifacts in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images can severely degrade image quality by introducing false targets if no targets are present at the artifact locations. Coherent artifacts can also add constructively or destructively to the targets that are present at the artifact locations. This constructive or destructive interference will result in cancellation of the true targets or in display of incorrect echo amplitudes of the targets. We introduce the use of a nonlinear deconvolution algorithm, CLEAN, to cancel coherent artifacts in OCT images of extracted human teeth. The results show that CLEAN can reduce the coherent artifacts to the ...
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