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    1. Artifacts in optical coherence tomography

      Artifacts in optical coherence tomography

      Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is now an integral part of management for numerous retinal diseases for diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up. OCT interpretation must involve the understanding of the associated artifacts. These artifacts can mislead physicians to wrong diagnosis or inappropriate management. This review article discusses the various types of artifacts in OCT scans obtained from various devices in various retinal diseases. This article would help to improve the understanding about the various artifacts and their clinical importance.

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    2. High-resolution optical coherence tomography correlates in ischemic radiation retinopathy

      Purpose: To find the abnormalities in various retinal layers caused by radiation retinopathy using spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). Methods: We report a case of radiation retinopathy that was imaged using SD-OCT Copernicus (Optopol, Zawiercie, Poland). Analysis and synthesis of the OCT image were done using information both at the fovea and 2.5mm temporal to the fovea. Results: The layers that were reduced in thickness included the inner plexiform layer (47μm vs. 74μm), the inner nuclear layer (17μm vs. 48μm), and the outer plexiform layer (25μm vs. 45μm), whereas the layers with comparable thickness included the nerve fiber ...
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