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    1. Distance From the Coronary Ostium as a Predictor of Vulnerable Plaque Morphology; An In-vivo Optical Coherence Tomography Study

      Distance From the Coronary Ostium as a Predictor of Vulnerable Plaque Morphology; An In-vivo Optical Coherence Tomography Study
      Background: Plaque morphology predicts its vulnerability to cause acute coronary events; most of which occur due to disruption of lipid-rich thin-cap fibroatheroma (TCFA). Observational studies show that lesions causing acute events are clustered in the proximal coronary artery segments. Aim: To evaluate whether the location of plaque in the coronary vessel is predictive of vulnerable plaque morphology identified by optical coherence tomography (OCT). Methods: OCT was performed in patients undergoing catheterization. Plaque distance (PD) from the ostium was measured with angiography using standardised projections. A cut point derived from the median PD was used to define proximal and distal coronary ...
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    2. In vivo association between positive coronary artery remodelling and coronary plaque characteristics assessed by intravascular optical coherence tomography

      Aims: Positive coronary arterial remodelling has been shown to be associated with unstable coronary syndromes and ex vivo histological characteristics of plaque vulnerability such as a large lipid core and high macrophage content. The aim of this study is to evaluate the in vivo association between coronary artery remodelling and underlying plaque characteristics identified by optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT is a unique imaging modality capable of characterizing these important morphological features of vulnerable plaque. Methods and results: OCT and intravascular ultrasound imaging was performed at corresponding sites in patients undergoing catheterization. OCT plaque characteristics for lipid content, fibrous cap ...
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