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    1. Detecting vulnerable plaque

      An apparatus and associated method for detecting vulnerable plaque within a lumen defined by an intraluminal wall is described. The apparatus includes a probe having a distal portion and a proximal portion. The apparatus includes an optical waveguide extending along the probe. The optical waveguide is configured to carry optical radiation between the distal and proximal portions, and has a distal end in communication with the intraluminal wall. The apparatus includes an interferometer coupled to the optical waveguide and configured to provide an interference signal for sub-surface imaging of the intraluminal wall, and a processing module configured to provide spectroscopic ...
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    2. Enhancing contrast in biological imaging

      Methods for enhancing contrast during imaging to assess cell and nuclear morphology of a sample. A contrast agent such as acetic acid, toluidine blue, hypertonic saline, hypotonic saline, Lugol's iodine, an absorbing dye, a liposome, or a contrast agent linked to a marker are applied to a sample. The sample is analyzed with an imaging device to create image data, and the sample is diagnosed using the image data.
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