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    1. Respiratory gating of anatomical optical coherence tomography images of the human airway

      Respiratory gating of anatomical optical coherence tomography images of the human airway
      Anatomical optical coherence tomography (aOCT) is a longrange endoscopic imaging modality capable of quantifying size and shape of the human airway. A challenge to its in vivo application is motion artifact due to respiratory-related movement of the airway walls. This paper represents the first demonstration of respiratory gating of aOCT airway data, and introduces a novel error measure to guide appropriate parameter selection. Results indicate that at least four gates per respiratory cycle should be used, with only minor improvements as the number of gates is further increased. It is shown that respiratory gating can substantially improve the quality of ...
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    2. Respiratory gating of endoscopic OCT images of the upper airway

      Robert A. McLaughlin, Julian J. Armstrong, Sven Becker et al. Anatomical optical coherence tomography (aOCT) is an endoscopic imaging modality that can be used to quantify size and shape of the upper airway. We report the application of respiratory gating to aOCT images. Our results show that respiratory gating can reduce motion artefact in upper airway images ... [Proc. SPIE 7004, 70045V (2008)] published Fri May 16, 2008.
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