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    1. Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader Opening at Aquyre Biosciences

      Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader Opening at Aquyre Biosciences

      Job Title: Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader / Manager (Clinical Data, AI, Device) Date: December 2021 Contract: Full-time Location: Paris with trips to Boston Salary: Competitive based on skills and experience Qualification: BS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering fields Minimum experience: 10 years LLTech – Aquyre Biosciences LLTech / Aquyre develops and sells systems that capture data from fresh biopsies, in the operating room, for real-time biopsy assessment and cancer diagnosis. Our unique data provides information on intracellular activity. The main applications are in the diagnosis of cancer such as lung, breast, prostate, liver Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Build and Manage software ...

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