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    1. In vivo functional imaging of the human middle ear with a hand-held optical coherence tomography device

      In vivo functional imaging of the human middle ear with a hand-held optical coherence tomography device

      We describe an optical coherence tomography and vibrometry system designed for portable hand-held usage in the otology clinic on awake patients. The system provides clinically relevant point-of-care morphological imaging with 14-44 µm resolution and functional vibratory measures with sub-nanometer sensitivity. We evaluated various new approaches for extracting functional information including a multi-tone stimulus, a continuous chirp stimulus, and alternating air and bone stimulus. We also explored the vibratory response over an area of the tympanic membrane (TM) and generated TM thickness maps. Our results suggest that the system can provide real-time in vivo imaging and vibrometry of the ear and ...

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