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    1. Method for reconstructing a 3D presentation

      Method for reconstructing a 3D presentation

      The invention relates to a method for reconstructing a 3D presentation of a hollow organ based on two-dimensional catheter images, comprising: detecting at least two fluoroscopy images at two different angles of the hollow organ; determining a start position of the catheter from the fluoroscopy images in a three-dimensional model of the hollow organ or a catheter guide; determining a probable withdrawal path of the catheter based on the three-dimensional model; withdrawing the catheter while recording the catheter images and assigning a withdrawal length to each catheter image; determining the deviation of the position of the catheter from a central ...

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    2. Three-dimensional co-registration between intravascular and angiographic data

      Three-dimensional co-registration between intravascular and angiographic data
      A method and appertaining system permit a co-registration between points in a three-dimensional model of a vessel and vascular images obtained by an imaging catheter within the vessel at the respective points. The three-dimensional model is created by utilizing information from at least two external two-dimensional images produced by, e.g., one or more x-ray devices. The three-dimensional model is displayed on an analysis workstation, and a user may view the vascular images at particular points by selecting the appertaining points on the three-dimensional model.
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    3. Optical coherence tomography system

      An optical coherence tomography system includes a catheter in which is arranged a plurality of light conducting fibers. It further includes a plurality of optical units. Light from the proximal end to the distal end and signals from the distal end to the proximal end can be transmitted simultaneously in different fibers. Time is saved through the simultaneous signal processing of signals from different fibers. That is advantageous particularly in the imaging, by means of coherence tomography, of blood vessels that have to be occluded for said imaging.
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    4. Catheter device

      Catheter device for insertion into a vessel of a human or animal body, comprising a guide catheter and, incorporated in same, an OCT catheter with an OCT imaging device, the guide catheter having a balloon inflatable via a supply line for occluding the vessel, as well as a device for delivering a liquid or gas to the vascular region to be recorded by means of the OCT imaging device, in particular the vascular region located distally to the balloon, wherein there is provided on the guide catheter a second inflatable balloon spaced apart from the first balloon for occluding the ...
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