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    1. Minimally invasive intrathecal spinal cord imaging with optical coherence tomography

      Minimally invasive intrathecal spinal cord imaging with optical coherence tomography

      ignificance: Imaging of the spinal cord is challenging due to the surrounding bony anatomy, physiologic motion, and the small diameter of the spinal cord. This precludes the use of non-invasive imaging techniques in assessing structural changes related to trauma and evaluating residual function. Aim: The purpose of our research was to apply endovascular technology and techniques and construct a preclinical animal model of intrathecal spinal cord imaging using optical coherence tomography (OCT). Approach: Five animals (2 Yorkshire Swine and 3 New Zealand Rabbits) were utilized. Intrathecal access was gained using a 16-guage Tuohy, and an OCT catheter was advanced under ...

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