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    1. Life sciences seen as key at SPIE Photonics West '14

      Life sciences seen as key at SPIE Photonics West '14

      Again and again at SPIE Photonics West 2014 (February 1–6), I found evidence of the importance of life sciences applications among optics and photonics suppliers and systems developers. Despite setbacks imposed by the U.S. government's "sequester" of 2013, biophotonics companies are optimistic and see opportunity. This was evident across the exhibit hall at both the BiOS and Photonics West expos. A good example is the fact that Texas Instruments (TI; Dallas, TX) has identified biomedicine as a key application domain for its DLP technology, which it says can reduce size and cost for biospectroscopy and improve accuracy ...

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    2. Swanson inspires with OCT review at Laser Marketplace Seminar

      Swanson inspires with OCT review at Laser Marketplace Seminar

      In his presentation on optical coherence tomography (OCT) during the 2013 Laser Marketplace Seminar (at Photonics West), Eric Swanson , serial entrepreneur and publisher of OCTnews , provided a comprehensive tour of OCT applications and implementations -- the vast majority of them biomedical. Swanson is a fantastic spokesperson for OCT thanks not only to his pioneering role in its development, but also to his tracking and analysis of its progress. For instance, he outlined the ROI of government support for OCT by discussing the technology's impact on the economy in terms of dollars and jobs, and on patient care (one OCT scan ...

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    3. BioOptics World Editors Column: Vitality all around

      BioOptics World Editors Column: Vitality all around
      We’re pleased this issue to publish the first of a two-part article by Eric Swanson, a pioneer in optical coherence tomography (OCT), that discusses government investment in OCT as well as the return on that investment—in terms of diagnostics, patient outcomes. and research in multiple disciplines; plus job creation, revenue generation and other economic measures (see p. 30). This year OCT is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and since Swanson penned his article the technology has seen some interesting developments, including demonstration for the first time of the ability to reliably determine risk of pancreatic cancer, and European CE ...
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    4. Munich sends optimistic message

      Munich sends optimistic message
      The World of Photonics Congress attracted approximately 3100 delegates and encompassed seven different conferences, of which two covered bio: European Conferences on Biomedical Optics and Medical Laser Applications.... Among the bio conferences, photoacoustics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and microscopy were key topics.
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    5. Nonclassical OCT images biological sample

      Nonclassical OCT images biological sample
      Quantum optical coherence tomography (OCT) has, for the first time, been shown to be a viable biological imaging technique, says M. Boshra Nasr, a postdoctoral researcher in the Quantum Imaging Laboratory at Boston University (Boston, MA). Nasr led a project that has produced the first experimental quantum OCT (QOCT) images of a biological sample. Quantum OCT holds strong appeal because, unlike classical OCT, it is inherently immune to group-velocity dispersion (GVD), which degrades axial resolution.1 This immunity is a direct result of the frequency entanglement inherent in the light source used in such a scheme; QOCT is a fourth-order ...
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