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    1. Shear-banding in polyacrylamide solutions revealed via optical coherence tomography velocimetry

      Shear-banding in polyacrylamide solutions revealed via optical coherence tomography velocimetry

      We used optical coherence tomography velocimetry inside a fluids rheometer to study the rheology of a family of polyacrylamide (PAM) solutions that contain different polymer molecular weights and concentrations, with picolitre probing volumes. The linear velocity profiles obtained from low molecular weight samples, characteristic of Newtonian fluids under shear, become shear-banded when longer polymer chains (molecular weights 5000000 and above) are used at sufficiently high concentrations. Upon increasing the concentration further, shear-banding becomes less dominant and significant wall-slip takes place on the two plates of the rheometer. We describe the shear-banding and wall-slip phenomena in our samples in terms of ...

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    2. Optical coherence tomography picorheology of biopolymer solutions

      Ramesh C. Sharma, Aristeidis Papagiannopoulos, and Thomas A. Waigh We describe an interferometric optical fiber based dynamic light scattering technique to study the linear viscoelasticity of complex fluids. This digital correlator based method enables viscoelasticity to be probed at high frequencies (1010 Hz) over picoliter regions of an aqueous sample. We demons ... [Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 173903 (2008)] published Fri May 2, 2008.
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