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    1. Wasatch Photonics adds 1600 nm OCT spectrometer for deep tissue imaging

      Wasatch Photonics adds 1600 nm OCT spectrometer for deep tissue imaging

      Wasatch Photonics has expanded its Cobra OCT spectrometer product line with a new 1600 nm OCT spectrometer for deep-tissue, SD-OCT imaging. The Cobra 1600 builds on the company’s existing line of more than 25 off-the-shelf OCT spectrometer models at visible, 800 nm, 1050 nm, and 1300 nm wavelengths, with camera speeds up to 250 kHz. Addition of a 1600 nm model offers greater depth penetration with high contrast for highly scattering tissues and materials, with applications in cardiology, neurology, dermatology, dentistry, and non-destructive testing. The Cobra 1600 OCT spectrometer utilizes a 240 nm bandwidth centered at 1570 nm to ...

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