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    1. Spectral 3D reconstruction of impressionist oil paintings based on macroscopic OCT imaging

      Spectral 3D reconstruction of impressionist oil paintings based on macroscopic OCT imaging

      Art conservators have adopted optical technologies to improve conservation efforts; laser triangulation, stereophotogrammetry, structured light, laser scanners, and time of flight sensors have been deployed to capture the 3D information of sculptures and architectures. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has introduced new imaging methods to study the surface features and subsurface structures of delicate cultural heritage objects. However, the field of view of OCT severely limits the scanning area. We present a hybrid scanning platform combined with an effective algorithm for real-time sampling and artifact removal to achieve macroscopic OCT (macro-OCT) imaging and spectral 3D reconstruction of impressionist style oil paintings.

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      Mentions: Yi Yang
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