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    1. Electromagnetic analysis for optical coherence tomography based through silicon vias metrology

      Electromagnetic analysis for optical coherence tomography based through silicon vias metrology

      This paper reports on progress in the analysis of time-domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) applied to the dimensional metrology of through-silicon vias (TSVs), which are vertical interconnect accesses in silicon, enabling three-dimensional (3D) integration in microelectronics, and estimates the deviations from earlier, simpler models. The considered TSV structures are 1D trenches and circular holes etched into silicon with a large aspect ratio. As a prerequisite for a realistic modeling, we work with spectra obtained from reference interferograms measured at a planar substrate, which fully includes the dispersion of the OCT apparatus. Applying a rigorous modal approach, we estimate the differences ...

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    2. Probing multilayer stack reflectors by low coherence interferometry in extreme ultraviolet.

      Appl Opt. 2008 Apr 20;47(12):2109-15 Authors: de Rossi S, Joyeux D, Chavel P, de Oliveira N, Richard M, Constancias C, Robic JY We use low coherence interferometry to investigate the depth structure of a complex multilayer stack reflector. The probing instrument is an interferometer based on a Fresnel's bi-mirror illuminated by relatively wide-band synchrotron undulator light near 13.5 nm. Simulations clearly confirm that our test object generates two back propagated signals that behave as if reflected on two effective planes. First results in this spectral range may open the way to a new physical approach ...
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