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    1. Concentration effect on the diffusion of glucose in ocular tissues

      In this study, optical coherence tomography (OCT) was utilized in the functional imaging of glucose diffusion through scleral tissues. Permeability coefficients for different concentrations of glucose were quantified nondestructively. Obtained results indicate an inverse proportionality between the permeability coefficient and the concentration of the analyte in epithelial tissues: in-depth diffusion of solutions with lower glucose concentration was faster than those with a higher concentration. The permeability coefficient decreased from (1.67±0.17)×10−5 cm/s of 10% glucose solution to (5.08±0.23)×10−6 cm/s of 25% glucose solution. The dependence of the permeability on ...
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    2. The effect of solution concentration on diffusion in scleral tissues

      Mohamad G. Ghosn, Esteban F. Carbajal, Natasha A. Befrui et al. The calculation of permeability coefficient of analytes could potentially be used in a variety of basic science and clinical fields, as well as advanced diagnostic imaging. Before this can occur, a more thorough understanding of the diffusion rate of analytes in biological tissues is needed. For thi ... [Proc. SPIE 6791, 679107 (2008)] published Mon Jun 9, 2008.
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    3. Differential permeability rate and percent clearing of glucose in different regions in rabbit sclera

      Mohamad G. Ghosn, Esteban F. Carbajal, Natasha A. Befrui et al. Imaging of biological tissues with optical coherence tomography (OCT) poses a great interest for its capability to noninvasively outline subsurface microstructures within tissues. However, a major limitation for many optical imaging techniques is inadequate depth penetration of light in turbid media ... [J. Biomed. Opt. 13, 021110 (2008)] published Mon Apr 21, 2008.
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    4. Permeability of hyperosmotic agent in normal and atherosclerotic vascular tissues

      Noninvasive cardiovascular imaging could lead to the early detection and timely treatment of complex atherosclerotic lesions responsible for major cardiovascular events. Recent investigations have suggested that optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an ideal diagnostic tool due to the high resolution this technology achieves in discriminating the different features of atherosclerotic lesions based on structural imaging. We explore the capability of OCT for functional imaging of normal and atherosclerotic aortic tissues based on time- and depth-resolved quantification of the permeability of biomolecules through these tissues. The permeability coefficient of 20% aqueous solution of glucose was found to be (6.80±0 ...
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