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    1. Computational aberration correction in spatiotemporal optical coherence (STOC) imaging

      Computational aberration correction in spatiotemporal optical coherence (STOC) imaging

      Spatiotemporal optical coherence (STOC) imaging is a new technique for suppressing coherent crosstalk noise in Fourier-domain full-field optical coherence tomography (FD-FF-OCT). In STOC imaging, the timevarying inhomogeneous phase masks modulate the incident light to alter the interferometric signal. Resulting interference images are then processed as in standard FDFF-OCT and averaged incoherently or coherently to produce crosstalk-free volumetric OCT images of the sample. Here, we show that coherent averaging is suitable when phase modulation is performed for both interferometer arms simultaneously. We explain the advantages of coherent over incoherent averaging. Specifically, we show that modulated signal, after coherent averaging, preserves lateral ...

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