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    1. Evaluation of acquired punctal stenosis using anterior segment optical coherence tomography

      Evaluation of acquired punctal stenosis using anterior segment optical coherence tomography

      Background/objectives: The aim of this article was to study the lower punctum parameters in patients with acquired punctal stenosis using spectral-domain anterior segment optical coherence tomography. Subjects/methods: This was a prospective nonrandomized study that included two groups. Group 1 was composed of 32 puncta from 32 subjects (11 males and 21 females, aged 40–62 years) with epiphora and clinically diagnosed punctal stenosis. Group 2 (control group) included 30 puncta from 30 normal subjects (10 males and 20 females, aged 43–63 years). Anterior segment optical coherence tomography was employed to evaluate lower punctum parameters in all subjects ...

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