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    1. Mirrorcle's PLS Presentation stirs excitement at Photonics West Conference

      Mirrorcle's PLS Presentation stirs excitement at Photonics West Conference

      Early morning on Superbowl Sunday, the Mirrorcle Technologies team drew a sizeable crowd to the Photonics West MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems XVIII conference where the company’s Senior Electronics Engineer, Mr. Abhishek Kasturi presented a paper titled MEMS Mirror Module for Programmable Light System (Session 5, Paper 10931-21). The motivation for research into dynamic lighting solutions is based on increased demand, mainly from the automotive industry, for novel headlights, taillights, and so-called ‘courtesy lights’ in and around vehicles that allow for branding, customization and personalization as well as improved safety and awareness in potentially hazardous situations. Mirrorcle proposed a high-contrast ...

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