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    1. AO-OCT Comes into Focus

      AO-OCT Comes into Focus

      Adaptive optics (AO) technology is often used to correct for wavefront distortions imparted when light travels through complex optical systems, enhancing image resolution and facilitating diffraction-limited optics. It has played a particularly prominent role in ophthalmic imaging, where retinal tissue imaging is limited by inherent aberrations in the eye. Given the widespread adoption of OCT in clinical diagnostics over the last 20 years, these two techniques should be natural partners. But because of technological limitations on both sides, practical applications of AO-OCT have been difficult to implement. Improved imaging AO refers to a family of techniques used for correcting distortions ...

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    2. Wasatch Photonics launches WP OCT software platform as enabling tool for OCT system development

      Wasatch Photonics launches WP OCT software platform as enabling tool for OCT system development

      Wasatch Photonics announces the launch of its WP OCT software platform as an enabling tool for research and OEM development, with the power and flexibility to speed OCT system development. This suite of SDKs, sample GUIs, and turnkey application software facilitates imaging speeds of up to 250 kHz with minimal software development effort, while retaining the flexibility to customize user interface, algorithms, and analysis. Availability in C++, C#, Matlab, and Labview environments further enhances the versatility of this platform, as does compatibility with both Camera Link and USB 3.0 data acquisition protocols. OCT is one of the fastest growing ...

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