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    1. Santec Announce a Record Wavelength Scan for an Electrically Pumped VCSEL

      Santec Announce a Record Wavelength Scan for an Electrically Pumped VCSEL

      Santec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6777) Santec, a leading manufacturer of tunable lasers, optical instruments, and fiber-optic components, announces a record 88nm wide continuous wavelength scan for an electrically pumped VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) light source. This performance record for a 1050nm centered VCSEL is a result of a collaborative effort between Santec, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo University’s Institute of Industrial Science. This result will be reported at the upcoming Photonics West 2019 meeting in San Francisco [1]. The High-speed Scanning Tunable VCSEL’s element is made up of two parts; the VCSEL, responsible for laser oscillation ...

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