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    1. A miniature endoscopic optical coherence tomography probe based on C-lens

      A miniature endoscopic optical coherence tomography probe based on C-lens

      We present a novel miniature endoscopic OCT probe based on an electrothermal microelectromechanical (MEMS) mirror and a C-lens. The MEMS mirror has a relatively large mirror plate of 0.5 mm×0.5 mm on a small chip size of 1.5 mm×1.3 mm, leading to the outer diameter of the endoscopic probe down to only 2.5 mm so that the probe is capable of being inserted through the biopsy channel of a conventional endoscope. A long focal length of 12 mm is achieved by properly designing the C-lens. Compared to commonly used GRIN lenses, C-lenses have ...

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