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    1. Optical coherence angiography without motion correction preprocessing

      Optical coherence angiography without motion correction preprocessing

      The method for vessel visualization from optical coherence tomography (OCT) data is presented. The method is based on high-frequency filtration of the normalized absolute values of the scattered field measured with OCT. It is shown that in contrast with optical coherence angiography based on the processing of complex values of a scattered field, the proposed processing does not require motion correction preprocessing while providing resulting angiographic images of comparable quality.

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    2. Digital refocusing in optical coherence tomography using finite impulse response filters

      Digital refocusing in optical coherence tomography using finite impulse response filters

      A finite impulse response filter, which shifts the focal plane in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images, is proposed. Since several OCT images with the focal plane in various positions can be fused into one image with increased lateral resolution, such a filter facilitates the creation of an OCT system with numerically increased lateral resolution, operating in real-time, i.e. showing one OCT B-scan with increased lateral resolution while collecting data for the next B-scan. Since the proposed real-time resolution enhancement method is phase-sensitive, the method for estimating and compensating phase shifts between consecutive B-scans during data acquisition is also discussed.

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