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    1. Wide field of view optical coherence tomography for structural and functional diagnoses in dentistry

      Wide field of view optical coherence tomography for structural and functional diagnoses in dentistry

      We report herein the fabrication and performance response of a three-dimensional (3-D) intraoral scan probe based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) that enables 3-D structural and functional diagnoses of the human teeth. The OCT system was configured using a swept-source OCT (SS-OCT) with a center wavelength of 1310 nm. The scan probe was built using an MEMS mirror and an optical collimator. The implemented SS-OCT equipped with the MEMS-based scan probe yielded an axial resolution of 10  μm and a scan range of 8  ×  8  mm 2 . Two-dimensional (2-D) cross-sectional images of the teeth were acquired by the scan probe ...

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      Mentions: Jonghyun Eom
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