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    1. Swept-source optical coherence tomographic findings in eyes with metastatic choroidal tumor

      Swept-source optical coherence tomographic findings in eyes with metastatic choroidal tumor

      Purpose To report the swept-source optical coherence tomographic (OCT) findings in two eyes with choroidal metastases. Observations Two patients with choroidal metastasis were studied. The metastasis was from a breast cancer in Case 1 and from a lung cancer in Case 2. In Case 1, swept-source OCT showed a highly reflective solid tumor with low optical reflective tissues that had replaced the choroidal tissue. Swept-source OCT was able to image the choroidal mass where other fundus imaging methods such as fluorescein angiography did not show the mass. Ophthalmoscopy of Case 2 showed hemorrhages in the inner retina, on the tumor ...

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