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    1. Dual-beam manually-actuated distortion-corrected imaging (DMDI) with micromotor catheters

      Dual-beam manually-actuated distortion-corrected imaging (DMDI) with micromotor catheters

      e present a new paradigm for performing two-dimensional scanning called dual-beam manually-actuated distortion-corrected imaging (DMDI). DMDI operates by imaging the same object with two spatially-separated beams that are being mechanically scanned rapidly in one dimension with slower manual actuation along a second dimension. Registration of common features between the two imaging channels allows remapping of the images to correct for distortions due to manual actuation. We demonstrate DMDI using a 4.7 mm OD rotationally scanning dual-beam micromotor catheter (DBMC). The DBMC requires a simple, one-time calibration of the beam paths by imaging a patterned phantom. DMDI allows for distortion ...

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