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    1. Optical coherence elastography for human finger-pad skin deformation studies

      Optical coherence elastography for human finger-pad skin deformation studies

      An optical coherence tomography (OCT) system with an A-scan rate of 20 kHz was developed for measuring the biomechanical properties of human finger-pad skin. Such an OCT system operates at a center wavelength of 890 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 150 nm resulting in a very good axial resolution of 2.6 μm. The measured sensitivity and sensitivity roll-off of the system were ~93 dB and ~6 dB mm -1 , respectively. Elastographic B-scan images of the human finger-pad skin were constructed by using 1000 A-scans. Deformations of the human finger-pad before and after sliding, while pressed against a transparent ...

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