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    1. Three-dimensional combined photoacoustic and optical coherence microscopy for in vivo microcirculation studies

      Three-dimensional combined photoacoustic and optical coherence microscopy for in vivo microcirculation studies
      Photoacoustic microscopy is predominantly sensitive to optical absorption, while optical coherence tomography relies on optical backscattering. Integrating their complementary contrasts can provide comprehensive information about biological tissue. We have developed a dual-modality microscope that combines the two for studying microcirculation. Three-dimensional imaging of microvasculature and its local environment has been demonstrated at micrometer-order resolution using endogenous contrast in vivo.
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    2. In-vivo imaging of microcirculation using integrated photoacoustic and optical-coherence microscopy

      Photoacoustic imaging and optical coherence tomography have complementary imaging contrasts. Photoacoustic imaging is sensitive to optical absorption, thus is able to generate detailed maps of deep microvasculature in vivo. Optical coherence tomography exploits the optical scattering contrast, and can provide real-time, micrometer-resolution imaging of tissue. We integrate an optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy and a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography into a single system. Our preliminary experiments showed that it could be a valuable imaging tool for microcirculation studies in vivo.
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