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    1. Quantitative biometry of zebrafish retinal vasculature using optical coherence tomographic angiography

      Quantitative biometry of zebrafish retinal vasculature using optical coherence tomographic angiography

      The zebrafish is a robust model for studying human ophthalmic function and disease because of its fecundity, life-cycle, and similarities between its retinal structure and the human retina. Here, we demonstrate longitudinal in vivo imaging of retinal structure using optical coherence tomography (OCT) and noninvasive retinal vascular perfusion imaging using OCT angiography (OCT-A) in zebrafish. In addition, we present methods for retinal vascular segmentation and biometry to quantify vessel branch length, curvature, and angle. We further motivate retinal vascular biometry as a novel method for noninvasive zebrafish identification and demonstrated 99.9% accuracy for uniquely identifying eyes from a set ...

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    2. Instrument Depth Tracking For OCT-GUIDED Procedures

      Instrument Depth Tracking For OCT-GUIDED Procedures

      Systems and methods are provided for tracking a depth of a surgical instrument in an optical coherence tomography (OCT) guided surgical procedure. An OCT device (12) is configured to image a region of interest (14) to provide OCT data. A scan processor (16) is configured to determine a relative position of the instrument (18) and a target (20) within the region of interest from at least the OCT data, where the instrument is one of in front of the target, within the target, or below the target.

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      Mentions: Cleveland Clinic
    3. Surgical Instruments For OCT Assisted Procedures

      Surgical Instruments For OCT Assisted Procedures

      Assemblies are provided for use as surgical instruments in optical coherence tomography (OCT) assisted surgical procedures. Each assembly includes a working assembly, formed from a material selected for desirable optical properties or modified to increase the visibility of the material in an OCT scan, and a handle attached to the working assembly.

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      Mentions: Cleveland Clinic
    4. Depth-encoded spectral domain phase microscopy for simultaneous multisite nanoscale optical measurements of nerve activation

      Spectral Domain Phase Microscopy (SDPM) is a recent extension of Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SDOCT) that exploits the extraordinary phase stability of spectrometer-based systems with common-path geometry to resolve sub-wavelength displacements within a sample volume. This technique has been implemented for high resolution axial displacement and velocity measurements in biological samples, but since axial displacement information is acquired serially, has been unable to measure fast temporal dynamics in extended samples. Depth-Encoded SDPM (DESDPM) uses multiple sample arms with unevenly spaced common path reference reflectors to multiplex independent SDPM signals from separate lateral positions on a sample simultaneously using a ...
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      Mentions: Duke University
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