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    1. Lower volumes of tear menisci are associated with dry eye symptoms in contact lens wearers

      Purpose: To investigate tear meniscus volumes during short-term wear by soft contact lens (SCL) wearers with dryness symptoms. Methods: Three groups of 20 subjects were recruited. Group 1 consisted of SCL wearers with self-reported dryness. Group 2 consisted of asymptomatic wearers. Group 3 was composed of asymptomatic non-lens wearers. Contact lenses were fitted on each eye, and both upper and lower tear menisci were imaged before lens insertion, immediately afterwards, and 30 min later, using optical coherence tomography. Custom software was used to yield the tear meniscus area and then the volumes were calculated based on eyelid length. Repeatability was ...
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    2. Upper and lower tear menisci in the diagnosis of dry eye

      Purpose: To measure the upper and lower tear menisci in aqueous tear deficiency (ATD) dry eye patients using real-time optical coherence tomography (OCT), and to determine the most effective meniscus variables for the diagnosis of dry eye. Methods: Eyes of 48 pre-screened ATD patients were compared with those of 47 healthy subjects. Upper and lower tear menisci were imaged simultaneously by real-time OCT immediately after blinking. The height, radius, and cross-sectional area of upper and lower tear menisci were obtained. Results: The tear meniscus radius, height, and cross-sectional areas were significantly smaller in dry eye patients than healthy subjects (P ...
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