1. Researcher's Company, New Device Looks to Prevent Vision Loss in Diabetes Patients

    An Indiana University School of Optometry faculty member's company is nearing completion of a diagnostic camera that could aid in saving the vision of millions of people worldwide. Dr. Ann Elsner, director of IU's Borish Center for Ophthalmic Research, believes screening to prevent one of the most devastating aspects of diabetes – vision loss and blindness from diabetic retinopathy – could be expanded to millions of underserved people if a more affordable diagnostic camera were available. The researchers also believe there will be broader health care implications once the camera is completed since cost savings could be realized from any ...
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    1. No matter how high the resolution is of an image you can miss the pathology for diabetic retinopathy if the contrast isn't there ...By doing more scans with better contrast we not only improve our ability to affect a large proportion of people who are unaware they have diabetes, but we also improve diagnostics for that demographic of the population that have small pupils or that have dark eyes, attributes that make detection more difficult.
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