1. Clinical Director (m/f/d) at Heidelberg Engineering

    Clinical Director (m/f/d) at Heidelberg Engineering



    We are looking for

    • In the course of a replacement, we are looking for a full-time Clinical Director (m/f/d)

    Your responsibilities

    • Foster collaborative relationships with key opinion leaders and facilitate the exchange of scientific information
    • Identify clinical evidence for indications of the use of the company product portfolio
    • Develop and initiate educational programs to support customers within clinical and research environments
    • Collaboration in developing and implementing marketing programs
    • Provide scientific information and educational support to internal (PMs, R&D, Academy, Sales and Marketing) and external (customers) stake holders
    • Provide a deep clinical application product expertise needed to advise in product development decisions
    • Promote Heidelberg Engineering products to clinicians, clinician scientists and professions allied to medicine working within ophthalmology
    • Facilitate the approval, completion, presentation, and publication of studies
    • Facilitate the generation of clinical and preclinical scientific data on company products
    • Deliver presentations to the health care community and decision makers

    Your qualifications

    • Successfully completed natural science or engineering studies
    • Professional experience in product management of medical devices
    • Extensive product and application knowledge

    Your profile

    • Independent, reliable and organised work
    • Strong communication skills
    • Confident knowledge of English (spoken and written)
    • Experience abroad, intercultural competence and other foreign languages are an advantage

    We offer

    • Interesting, challenging work at a dynamic international company
    • An open business culture and a pleasant working environment
    • Modern workplaces
    • Performance-based compensation
    • A highly motivated team in an international environment
    • An attractive office in Heidelberg's Bahnstadt district, including Job ticket

    Job-ID HE2007_002


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