1. Sensorless adaptive-optics optical coherence tomographic angiography

    Sensorless adaptive-optics optical coherence tomographic angiography

    Optical coherence tomographic angiography (OCTA) can image the retinal blood flow but visualization of the capillary caliber is limited by the low lateral resolution. Adaptive optics (AO) can be used to compensate ocular aberrations when using high numerical aperture (NA), and thus improve image resolution. However, previously reported AO-OCTA instruments were large and complex, and have a small sub-millimeter field of view (FOV) that hinders the extraction of biomarkers with clinical relevance. In this manuscript, we developed a sensorless AO-OCTA prototype with an intermediate numerical aperture to produce depth-resolved angiograms with high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio over a 2 × 2 ...

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