1. Postdoctoral positions for ophthalmic imaging at Johns Hopkins

    Postdoctoral positions for ophthalmic imaging at Johns Hopkins

    Description: We are seeking outstanding candidates for two postdoctoral positions on cutting‐edge 3D ophthalmic imaging projects funded by NIH. The first position focuses on visible light optical coherence tomography (vis‐OCT) , a new ophthalmic imaging technique that offers ultrahigh depth resolution, capillary level oximetry, and rich retinal scattering spectroscopy. The second position focuses oblique scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (oSLO), a “fluorescent‐version” of OCT that implements light sheet microscopy in the eye and uniquely allowing high speed volumetric retinal imaging. The candidates will learn and be responsible for the end‐to‐end design of device, imaging, and data processing. We expect the candidates to be motivated and productive, and are committed to propel the candidates’ academic career. The position is open starting from Sept 2020, until filled.


    Requirement: The positions will require PhD degree on relevant scientific disciplines, for example, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science etc. Candidates with experiences on ophthalmic imaging, optical coherence tomography, adaptive optics, and optical microscopy will be highly competitive. Although we emphasize hand‐on experimental experiments, strong background on deep learning computation on image processing will also be preferentially considered.


    Environment: Would‐renowned, top‐notch academic environment and research collaboration at JHU is a mustsee and the key to success. Biomedical engineering is ranked #1 in the country. We are collaborating extensively within Wilmer Eye institute, Top 5 ophthalmology in the US. It is a perfect environment for ophthalmic imaging researches. Our lab is located in Smith Building (picture below), one of the newest and most modern buildings in the medical campus. The open and collaborative environment is exciting, and offers broad interdisciplinary interactions with basic and clinical scientists.


    About us: Our lab has a strong track record of technical innovations. We emphasize the physical principle and design of the imaging, as well as the practical applications. We are committed to support candidates to be independent and successful in their academic career.


    Contact: Please send inquiry and CV to the PI (Ji Yi) at jiyi@jhu.edu . www.yilab.org for more info.

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